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Active maintenance of electric scraper in order to improve the service life of it

At present, the industrial and mining electric scraper is give priority to in order to repair, in order to meet the needs of the industrial and mining electric scraper high reliable high life, preventive maintenance should take the initiative. Active preventive maintenance is in the hydraulic system work normally when maintenance work, mainly includes:

1, determine to extend the service life of hydraulic components and systems of the target cleanliness. Practice has proved that the system of pollution level below NAS9, basically will not fail at this moment, when the pollution more than NAS10 level fault often occur. Electric scraper pollution should be controlled in NAS9 - NAS10 level is advisable.

2, maintain good filtering, to control the pollution of the oil, make the oil pollution in the target cleanliness within the scope of reach dynamic equilibrium。 At present the main approach is carried out on the hydraulic oil filter, filter to select reasonable filtration precision, and often requires change。

3, the main measure is to the hydraulic oil filter, filter to select reasonable filtration precision, and often requires change.

4, constantly monitoring oil pollution and physical and chemical performance indicators, if exceed the permitted range, then take timely corrective measures to ensure the system target cleanliness requirements. The oil pollution degree and the physical and chemical indicators of monitoring is the precondition of keeping oil target cleanliness, only keep track of the oil pollution, to take corresponding countermeasures.

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