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Where is the difference between a towed scraper and motor scraper

Qixia city vigorously mining machinery co., LTD., founded in 1998, is located in the beautiful and rich, the famous Chinese apple - shandong qixia, located in qixia city welcome road south first 209 provincial highway 72 kilometers place Lucy. Company now covers an area of 180 mu, building area of 53000 square meters, is the construction of the third phase of modern science and technology production workshop, the three phase of the use of online integrated management system, the introduction of advanced laboratory equipment and high-precision testing equipment, equipped with automatic cutting system, automatic sand blasting, heat treatment system in addition to the system, spray lines and other automated production systems, all factory transportation electric rail transport, has been put into use.

Next to introduce towed scraper and the difference between motor scraper

Scraper is a comprehensive finish digging, earthmoving, unloading soil, filling and leveling machine. According to the different traveling mechanism can be divided into towed scraper and motor scraper.

So-called towed scraper "refers to the external power, towed scraper to work site for construction. While motor scraper has its own power plant, can into itself.

In 1910, the United States made the first by a special scraper tractor traction. After the former Soviet union in the 1920 s to manufacture tires towed scraper. In 1938, the United States and to create the first motor scraper. Produce 1949 twin engine scraper, in the 1960 s created a chain plate loading scraper and the world's largest scraper (its bucket capacity of 200 cubic meters).

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