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World-class EPCM Service

With advanced technology, production ability and rich experience, we can provide EPCM service for gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, nickel, cobalt, chromium, manganese and other metal ores, sulfur, graphite, fluorite, feldspar, barite and other non-metallic mineral mines under 10000t/d.


Spare parts

We provides all the accessories of all kinds of equipment produced by us. It has reliable performance, stable and durable.

1. We have offices and warehouses in Xinjiang and Peru in South America to better serve customers in Central Asia, Russia and South America.

2. We not only provide accessories but also provide you with high quality services, including replacement of accessories, warranty and equipment maintenance, etc.

3。 Damaged caused by force majeure or man-made during warranty period, for repairment we only charge cost of spare parts。 Fair price without deceiving。

4. When buy spare parts, please send the money directly to the remittance bank account specified by the company.

5. When buy large quantities of accessories, please contact our company 7-10 days ahead of time and provide the purchase list.


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